Kainjoo Launches Edward Galle: The New Paradigm in Talent Sourcing and ExM

Morges (Switzerland), September 1, 2023 | Elevating Employee Experience Management and Talent Acquisition with a Data-driven Approach in Complex Regulatory Environments.

Kainjoo Consulting Group unveils Edward Galle, a comprehensive talent house dedicated to regulated industries, in today’s hyper-competitive talent landscape. 

  • A new standard in Employee Experience Management (ExM) and talent sourcing
  • Complete HR and talent search services for high-performing organisations
  • Real-world impact through transformative services, including mindfulness programs, with a global reach

Setting a New Standard for Data-Driven Talent Sourcing and Employee Experience (ExM)

Edward Galle elevates ExM and talent sourcing to unprecedented heights by leveraging data analytics for skills and persona analysis. A prime example is our programmatic advertising desk that pushes vacancies on platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed based on detailed persona analysis. Furthermore, Edward Galle seamlessly integrates into existing enterprise solutions like Workday.

Talents evolving in regulated industries such as pharma are complex to find,” says Haider Alleg, Founder at Kainjoo. “Our data-driven approach is rooted in methodologies proven to scale and transform regulated industries.”

Edward Galle’s new focus, coupled with Kainjoo’s expertise in online listening, is now an asset for finding recent trends in the employment markets or running background checks on a critical role.

Many regulated industries, such as healthcare and finance, had to adapt quickly to remote work arrangements. This transition presented challenges in sourcing and managing talent remotely, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, and maintaining data security.

Regulated industries often require specialised skills and expertise. During the pandemic, there was a heightened demand for healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial, and cybersecurity professionals, among others. Sourcing and attracting these specialised talents became more competitive. Many companies accelerated their digital transformation efforts during the pandemic. All these environmental factors created a need for talent with digital and technological skills. Sourcing individuals who could facilitate this transformation became a priority.

Tailoring Services to High-Stakes Roles

Edward Galle unveils a new suite of services aimed at building high-performing organisations. We offer:

  • Executive Search: Scouting your next-gen transformation leaders
  • Recruitment: Facilitating the acquisition of AAA talents
  • HR Outsourcing: Managing your human resources
  • Payroll Services: Centralized administrative payroll
  • Expatriate Services: Handling relocation and taxes
  • HR Consulting: Talent development and leadership
  • HR Restructuring: Department management & organisation
  • Remote Worker Service: Embracing hybrid workplaces
  • Workforce System: Optimizing data and compliance

Tired of running with multiple FTEs, we decided to hire a Brand-Tech Specialist through Edward Galle. Not going back,” says the Digital Head from OM Pharma.

A unique team of HR professionals who can focus on a territory or an industry will join the firm. “The new team will use the models of engagement we have at Kainjoo that are already running for Edward Galle, which gives maximum flexibility to companies looking to have support for their ExM, HRIS, and staffing solutions,” shares Haider Alleg. “We see Edward Galle as a vehicle for reaching candidates and recruiting our customers, which is a different scope than what Kainjoo does on BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)”.

Catalyzing Transformation and Pioneering New Work Trends

With Edward Galle, organisations can pivot seamlessly towards driving transformation programs, including mindfulness initiatives and HR restructuring. Our approach has already made a significant impact on regulated industries like pharma. Mindfulness programs around the globe, such as Intel, brought a proven model on how to handle employees at a large scale in remote conditions, maintaining cohesion and culture for growth.

We were looking for a team who knows what the job actually looks like on an everyday basis,” says the London-based Head of Marketing at Besins Healthcare.

Ensuring the health and safety of employees and candidates became a top concern. New strategic imperatives are now forcing new protocols for on-site interviews and assessing candidates’ ability to work safely in specific environments, including mental health support and monitoring to avoid burnout and stress.

Edward Galle is not just another talent house; it is a global player rooted in the heart of Europe, connected internationally, and designed to support the evolving digital workplace and the burgeoning gig economy. With a strong partnership with Webhelp now Concentrix, the most prominent Cx leader globally, Kainjoo, via this new capability suite, can recruit and onboard any talents quickly, providing a footprint in most of the locations if a client is looking to build an excellence centre or to recruit a senior executive. For candidates, it is a new boutique approach that goes beyond alerts and will support their careers in finding the correct position in their career path.

About Edward Galle

Edward Galle, an initiative by Kainjoo Consulting Group, is pioneering new methods in ExM and talent sourcing within regulated industries. Rooted in the heart of Europe and Switzerland, Edward Galle extends its services globally to redefine talent sourcing and organisational transformation.

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