You are looking for a talents and search firm specialised in brand tech positions? We got you.

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Get the talents you need to future-proof your regulated organisation.

Evolving in regulated industries, our typical customers are looking for A+ talents, with expertise in their field. Focused on commercial organisations, we are transforming your structure from within using resources able to tame emerging channels and technologies. We are specialised in the recruitment of highly skilled individuals in the brand technologies spectrum.

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Executive Search

Scouting your next-gen transformation leaders


Facilitating the acquisition of AAA talents

HR Outsourcing

Managing your human resources

Payroll Services

All the administrative payroll done centralised

Expatriate Services

Handling relocation and taxes

HR Consulting

Talents development and Leadership

HR Restructuring

Departments Management & Organisation

Remote Worker Service

Embracing hybrid workplaces

Workforce System

HR IS to optimise data and compliance

Specialised in Regulated & Complex Industries

Brand-tech recruiter services

Driving change in organisation having impact on patients and the clinical practice isn’t easy. The talent war is at play and Edward Galle can help facilitate navigating the market jungle.

Regulations, innovation and country specific experience are often required when companies search for talents within financial institutions.

Specific skills and strengths for premium and exclusive brands call for a white-glove approach to recruitment.

Our dedicated team understands the requirements of early stage businesses and will offer advices and guiding principles for hiring your team.

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