We use Stripe and Paypal for managing our payments on Edward Galle. If you see an issue, please screenshots your bug or error message and send it to [email protected].

You have 14 days to claim back a full refund on any of our offers if no usage has been done of our services.

A usage is an interaction with a candidate, an employer or a functionality of our website.

If you want to test our service, please request a demo at [email protected].

Coupons are only available through our account managers for employers, or through our online campaigns. Follow us online to be warned when we run discounts.

You might have issues changing your default account name. If you encounter this, please share your details to [email protected]


Edward Galle is not responsible for the follow-up of your applications as each employers is accountable for their account.

If you are on a paid plan, your account manager will share advices on how to optimise your application process.

We are sensitive about your personal info and we can at any moment remove, share or update your records.

If you want to talk to our Data Privacy Officer, please share an email to [email protected].

If you encounter any technical issues, please send an email with your screenshot, error message and device version used to [email protected].

We have built Edward Galle to answer the need of regulated industries looking to transform their commercial organisations with specific skills and talents.

Linkedin, indeed and many others platforms are great, but huge and you can get lost. Being a niche website helps us do more quality than quantity.